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Walking the Earth in Heavenly Realms

The mission of Life/Blood Ministries-Teaching and Healing Center is basically a two-pronged one:

  1. To come into an intensely intimate relationship with the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit;
  2. To discover-without a doubt-where each person's Divine Assignment lies, and to begin/continue to walk in it with boldness and confidence, according to Ephesians 2:10 and II Timothy 1:9. Every class at the Teaching and Healing Center will reflect the basis on which Life/Blood Ministries was founded: "Learning to Walk the Earth in Heavenly Realms!"


  1. Level I students receive intensive training in Foundational Doctrines of the Bible. The curriculum for Level I can be found on the next page. Tuition for Level I is $800.00
  2. Post-graduate courses are sometimes made available to students who have successfully completed Level I.
  3. Course curriculums consisting of an in-depth study revolving around a specific topic are offered as well.

All curriculums include required practicums in both prayer and worship.

Tuition rates vary according to the number of class sessions offered per academic year.

Occasionally, a limited number of students are admitted to audit the classes. Auditors pay the full tuition fee, and must commit to regular attendance for the full academic year. However, they are not held responsible for completing assignments, nor will they receive a Graduation Certificate or Certificate of Completion at the termination of the school year.


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