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Walking the Earth in Heavenly Realms

Nancy Oslyn's teachings can be heard, in real time, weekdays at 9:45 A.M. EST (8:45 CST, etc.) broadcast from WLSG FM Radio in WilmingtonNorth Carolina.  This broadcast is also available via iPhone, iPad, and computer.  Reminder:  Please be aware of your time zone, as the program can only be heard in “real time.”  For access via computer go to  The program should come on automatically in our time slot. To view our home page, go to, select Programming and scroll down to "The Blood/Holy Spirit Connection." 

In the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota, Dr. Nancy can be heard on WLKX FM (Hope 95.9) Monday through Friday at 8:45 P.M.

Following are just a few excerpts from the many, many listener responses we have received, with much joy and thanksgiving, since beginning to air our program on WLSG FM in North Carolina in January, 2012. All Glory to God! The Life-giving message of "The Blood/Holy Spirit Connection" is getting "out there!"

"We have a great opportunity to learn through your messages. You teach! I mean really teach from the scriptures...." B.W.

"I can tell that you are a professor. You know how to teach." R.H.

"Verse by verse I am learning all the time, and your program is like having a college course. " A.P.

"My wife and I schedule our day so that we can hear you. You go into detail in your explanations, and we find that we just thrive on that." D.W.

"I am full of new knowledge and the Spirit after your show." B.M.

"It feels like I am in a classroom with you." E.D.

''Nothing compares to really hearing and understanding the true Bible as you teach it." R.F.

"You cover a lot of material, and I have gotten to where I take notes so I can review and be ready for the next day's lesson. This is a powerful study" C.J.

"Your program is always a blessing to me. I enjoy the good teaching and you do so in a way that I hear you very clearly." J.P.F.

"Your calm delivery makes the material so interesting and I can study along with you in a peaceful atmosphere." P.C.

"This is an amazing Bible study...." H.O.

"I enjoy our study on the blood." C.W.



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