Walking the Earth in Heavenly Realms          


We hear the Church today pleading for:

"The Glory!"
"Creative Miracles!"

HOWEVER, Nancy Oslyn is convinced that we're not waiting for God in these matters, but that on the contrary, HE'S WAITING FOR US!


He's waiting for the Church to understand, believe and walk in the mysteries spoken forth from heaven by the Precious Blood! (HEBREWS 12:24)

As a result, since 1983 Nancy's teaching has spun out from a central core: seeking and sharing revelation on how to get what's "up there," in the Heavenly Holy of Holies "down here," working in and through the earthly Holy of Holies, the Church.

In short, bringing what JESUS' BLOOD declares from heaven into practical manifestation on earth. That supernatural organism known as "The Body of Christ" is called to WALK THE EARTH IN HEAVENLY REALMS!


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